Youtube Comments Out of Context: Seventh Week

  1. I believe in science.  I also believe in the limitations of science.  I believe science can explain all the questions we might ask of the natural world.  I also believe science is bound by natural laws.  It can’t explain the metaphysical.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe in the metaphysical, but that’s a matter of belief, not fact.
  2. That gotta be fake. Some skinny kid doing a reverse crab walk probably. If it was real, it would be a world wide story. Ghosts are 100% real.
  3. Preposterous! Here’s some words of wisdom for you comment posting idiots. You people think your opinions are so important and that you possess some natural-born expertise. But take it from ME, a REAL expert, when I say your comments are even more stupider than you people making them. Now I have a lot of experience, so when I say something, it counts. That’s because I’m very important and I know what I’m talking about, unlike feeble-minded you. I see you want to retort by posting a reply, do you? PSHAW!!! You can’t post a reply to me because you’re speechless, and you’re too AFRAID. Besides, no one wants to hear your stupidness anyway. Do you know who I am? I have 9 black belts, 15 Masters degrees and a PhD in Applied Arithmetic. That’s right, you know I’m way better than you, and all my fans and supporters will gladly tell you how great and awesome I am! Have you seen my power level? It’s over 9000! You know what that means? It means I have more than 9000 units of POWER. It also puts my total adjusted force rating at 22000! That’s more than triple, so you don’t want to make me mad because anger is my middle name, and I give love a bad name, which only makes me angrier. Remember: He who laughs last, laughs last. So, go ahead, I dare you to write a reply to my comment. I DOUBLE dare you to write a reply to my comment. But I know you won’t reply to my comment because you’re all too AFRAID.
  4. Das wir crepès besiegen?
  5. How about stop being selfish. When you feed and maintain every cow on Earth and have the power to enforce it. I MIGHT stop eating beef. But don’t bank on it.
  6. no i’ve heard from many women, they love feeling sexy. feeling sexy may also attract men but its most def. for feeling sexy.
  7. Insects are still meat

April 2020 Updates: Complete Blues Discographies

These are the April updates for my Complete Blues Bio-Discographies list. A more complete version (as of now) is here.

Please note that this is the order in which I updated the list, not the order of living dates, recording dates or order in which the names appear on the list.

Henry Thomas
Washington Phillips
Gus Cannon / Cannon’s Jug Stompers
Jimmy Reed
Jim Jackson
Sam Collins
Skip James
Otis Rush
Frank Stokes
Ishman Bracey
Big Bill Broonzy
Blind Willie Johnson
Blind Willie McTell
Texas Alexander
Barbecue Bob
The Beale Street Sheiks
Memphis Jug Band
William Harris
St. Louis Bessie
Walter «Buddy Boy» Hawkins
Alice Moore
Mississippi John Hurt

Youtube Comments Out of Context: Sixth Week

  1. if  Donald  „LOSE*  He can be Next  Romero   Clown Zombie  Star
  2. But wait. Didn’t the mouse in the striped shirt eventually get married, have kids, and grandchildren? It’s almost as if the makers of this movie didn’t give two shits about what they were making, or something.
  3. I got it alright. You see, the Internet doesn’t really have the future. Internet is always just a distraction.
  4. stupid luck reaction specifically fast monitor adapt.
  5. Do a sketch on the agricultural revolution
  6. Arya doesn’t go to Winterfell and heads for Westros while Bran arrives to Winterfell and after quoting „Chaos is a ladder“ Little finger leaves for Westros, Bran hands Littlefinger’s dagger to Sansa and explains what he knows about Littlefinger and Jon’s true name. Sansa decides to keep Jon’s true name a secret from the northerners for now since she doesn’t know how people will react knowing that the Lord of the North is related to The Mad King. When Littlefinger arrives to Westros he tries to advice Cercei on how to take the north in hopes Sansa will fall from power, Cercei sends an army to take over and Littlefinger goes with them. Meanwhile Bran tells everyone about the white walkers but no one believes him except for Sansa and Jon but they can’t convince people so Sansa seeks help from Tyrion, she explains Jon’s true name to him and he believes her so he tries to convince Daenerys to join them but she’s not convinced and is too busy planing her take on Westros to afford it, she only agrees to send a ship with enough dragon glass and very few of her men. Without any more options Jon trains his men while winter comes and the dead advances enough to be seen near Castle Black. By this point Littlefinger’s near the area and hears this, word comes to Cercei about these white walkers just as Daenerys is nearing Westros to attack. Cercei takes advantage of Tyrion being the hand of Daenerys and calls out a truce, after a long talk with Tyrion Daenerys agrees and both their armies are supposed to be fighting along side the northerns against the white walkers while in fact Cercei’s not sending any more soldiers than the ones that are at Littlefinger’s command. Back in Winterfell Littlefinger arrives with his army claiming they’re allies and that the whole kingdom is in a truce thanks to him, Jon and Sansa have to work with them and Jon heads to the wall leaving Sansa to rule the north, with all that’s going on Jon doesn’t know Littlefinger stays with her and only half of his army heads to the wall with them. With winter upon them the armies are sent beyond the wall while a few stay behind to meet with Daenerys who arrives near the Castle Black with her dragons, her only protection being Jora, Tyrion..and her dragons. Everyone’s in disbelief while Jon is called to meet Daenerys, she has her doubts about Jon’s true name and they fall into a disagreement since Daenerys doesn’t want all of her Dragons to participate in battle, after Tyrion explains that the dragons will possibly be their only advantage her only option is to accept the risk so all of them charge beyond the wall in the black of the night, but with the dark they can’t tell the difference between soldiers and white walkers, Rhaegal attacks a crowd where Jon’s being attacked and kills both the white walkers and the soldiers, Daenerys notices this and flies with Drogon to the spot where she knows Jon was fighting, Jon’s heavily wounded by the white walkers but he managed to survive Rhaegal’s fire so she takes him with Drogon’s help back to Castle Black for his wounds to be attended, convinced his her only family left. Rhaegal and Viserion are left to fight and they can only attack where there are lots of white walkers to prevent more soldiers from dying and they take a good amount out but Viserion is far enough to see the Night King, he charges after him but the knight king attacks with the spike, Viserion is turned a white walker, he is killing a lot of soldiers but soon he is fought by Rhaegal and the 2 die in this fight leaving only Drogon alive. Daenerys hears this and is in pain, in the middle of it all she realizes Cercei’s soldiers were small in number and blames Tyrion claiming he’s just trying to destroy her army so she banishes him, he has to obey and leaves her grieving and maddened. Back in Winterfell Littlefinger’s army is taking advantage of the few soldiers left behind and take over the north, Sansa surrenders without any choice. Word comes to Tyrion about Cercei’s army and he tries to level with Jamie about this scam, Jamie is trying to convince Cercei to give the throne away to prevent destruction from Daenerys‘ wrath. Cercei declines knowing that one dragon is easier to be defeated than 3, claiming Jamie’s still on Tyrion’s side she kills him in the spot with a sword though the heart delivered by the mountain, thinking his child is all she will need as a family she decides to send all of her men (including the ones in Winterfell) to protect the castle as she’s in the throne with the mountain as her guard, not going down without a fight. Meanwhile in Castle Black Jon’s better and showing sympathy to Daenerys, they bond over grief and he promises her he’ll fight by her side if they make it out alive, with this she reminds herself of her final goal and agrees to keep fighting this war. 3 armies are fighting against the white walkers and The Night king is outsmarted by Bran’s strategy who controls Drogon and kills him, his army falls along with him. Back in Winterfell lots of homes are being destroyed and Sansa’s being kept a prisoner, Littlefinger’s telling her that Jon’s dead because of a dragon and that he is her only chance of survival now that 2 potential rulers are their enemies, he proposes they join their people, Sansa says yes, knowing it’s useless to oppose him, so she goes free and Little finger’s named Lord of Winterfell with Sansa as his Lady, most of the allies are dissapointed and leave Winterfell convinced the Starks are weak, when they’re alone they’re making plans to pretend that Winterfell’s being conquered in the name of Cercei so they could invite her and kill her while she visits, but Sansa knows this can take years and that Cercei’s going to put a price on her head when she hears she’s a Lady, so she pretends to agree on this plan and while he’s turned his back on her she puts the dagger to his throat, he tries to persuade her telling her he’s on her side, he declares his love for her mother and her, he promises that he won’t kill her no matter the price, but she tells him she knows he betrayed his father, his blood turns cold and he keeps insisting she won’t survive without him, she’s done listening to him and slices his throat. Not long after she calls her few loyal men and declares war on the Lanister soldiers that are left, without their captain the small army that was left is defeated by the northerners. Back to Westros Jon accompanies Daenerys and they join armies to take over the Red Keep now that the white walkers are defeated, Daenerys tries her best to trust Jon despite what she’s been through but he has to follow her orders no matter how against them he is. They basically destroy the city with Drogon’s fire and Cercei’s explosives but they end up winning, the city’s filled with dead bodies from both armies and when they enter the throne room to look for Cercei she’s nowhere to be found. In the end she took Jamie’s advice and ran away after seeing Drogon destroy her army in one swipe, she knows it’s useless to fight now and finds Tyrion standing in her way, she explains Jamie died in battle and that she’s pregnant with his child while tears escape from her face, she blames him for Jamie’s death saying he basically committed suicide because he was so sure they would lose, Tyrion knows she’s come undone, he doesn’t want to see his whole family fade because of him, so he lets her get away and his only condition is to never show her face again, she leaves the room and reunites with the mountain as her guard to sail with Euron, she’s planning to convince him the child is his and maybe go back to conquer her kingdom once her army grows, but just as she think’s she’s safe the mountain kills her, who turns out to be Arya. Now with everything settled Danerys is in conflict since the throne technically belongs to Jon, he doesn’t want it and leaves for Winterfell to recollect his fallen lands leaving Daenerys to be the queen of ashes
  7. war ja klar,tage in vichy,in jeder anderen arschlochsprache,aber natürlich nicht in deutsch ihr arschlochkinder.

Youtube Comments Out of Context: Fifth Week

1. What about the dog its all normal when the dog dies

2. I do believe that Megalodon still does exist, its just much smaller now, aka the Great White. Think of it this way, look at a Great Dane an a Chihuahua. They’re both dogs, but are massively different in size. So when you look at it for this perspective, the Great White may just very well be a smaller breed of Megalodon. 

3. Man… I wonder how many people that thing is responsible for killing. It should be destroyed immediately. These people…. they act like a kid who has just discovered his father’s loaded revolver. That’s why the death of that „crocodile hunter“ guy is so fitting and righteous. He had it coming. They all have it coming. Just don’t you go away believing their lies. Sharks are murderous. They do not discriminate between liberal or conservative, republican or democrat, common-sense thinker or tree-hugger. They KILL.

4. I know this is random but I’m wondering if anyone can help me my best friends girlfriend dumped him for me she really likes me and I really like her but I fell bad and so does she because he still likes her he said its fine but he’s hiding it so please could u give me some advice

5. Warum lässt der das Fahrrad im See liegen? Er schmeisst ein Fahrrad in den See und fährt dann mit einem anderen weiter? Warum?

6. I too know it’s wrong but cant help laughing at your mama. Because she was so cocked up and tried to suck my dick with her filthy mouth. So? I just cut her head off:) and she still laughing in her face! So I brought my hammer and crush it! That’s why u cant see ur mama anymore. Got it? U stupid littel stinky motherfucker

7. even i did not like Jane eyre.


In der heutigen Ausgabe von „Arbeitsalltag“ sammle ich bekloppte Bewerbungssätze, die ich beim Wiederlesen in meinen Bewerbungen gefunden habe. Warum, ist unklar – „Ob in Liebe oder Zorn“, da muss ich es mit Frank Zander halten.

Chronologisch von älter bis jünger:

«Der Einsatz neuester Methoden in hermeneutischen Kontexten ist mir geläufig.»

«Aus diesem Kontext bin ich mir auch über die Wichtigkeit einer stringenten Aussen- und Markenkommunikation im Klaren.»

«Das Projekt ist inhaltlicher Natur […].»

«Ob die Zahl so stimmte, weiss ich nicht.»

«Der beste Fisch, den ich je gegessen habe, war ein atum de cebolada, Thunfisch an Zwiebeln.»

«Dies war nur machbar, da mir diese Arbeit Freude bereitet.»

«Die Universität war dafür lange ein gutes Umfeld […].»

«Die Stelle entspricht in allen Aspekten optimal dem, was ich suche.»

«Was einem nicht zufliegt, muss man sich erhinken.»

«Ich habe Dissertationen, Master-Arbeiten, Finanzierungsanträge, Marketingmaterial und Romane Korrektur gelesen.»

«Darauf folgte eine [Tätigkeit], mit der ich mein Arsenal an sprachlichen Mitteln und stilistischen Finessen weiter ausbauen konnte.»

«Hinzu kommen langjährige Erfahrungen in institutionellen Zusammenhängen.»

«Wichtiger als die konkreten Tätigkeitsfelder scheinen mir aber die gefragten Fähigkeiten, die ich als [Funktion der Stelle] einbringe.»

«Zum Thema Playlist-Verwaltung und Enthusiasmus: Meine iTunes-Mediathek ist gegenwärtig nach 221 Musikgenres und -subgenres organisiert.»

«Einerseits habe ich keine jahrelange Berufserfahrung als Werbetexter, andererseits natürlich schon.»

«Aber da gehen die Vorlieben der Fachrichtungen ja schon weit auseinander.»

«Ich kenne den Unterschied zwischen grau-blau und graublau […].»

«die Stelle als [Funktion] bei [Firma] interessiert mich, schon allein, weil ich seit meinem letzten Umzug ebenfalls auf Umzugsfirmen angewiesen bin.»

«Auf meinem Schreibtisch liegt gerade das Buch Jazz in der Schweiz von Bruno Spoerri.»

«Aber ich nehme an, dafür gibt es bereits eine stabile Konvention in der Redaktion.»

«Bücher lesen ist schön, Bücher machen schöner. Das gilt natürlich auch für E-Bücher.»

«Wie vermittelt man den Sinn von Übungen so, dass diese nicht als Blindflug wahrgenommen werden?»

«Sowohl dort wie auch an der Universität habe ich auch vor grossen, relativ anonymen Gruppen gesprochen und Inhalte vermittelt.»

«Gegenwartsliteratur findet glücklicherweise nicht unter Ausschluss der Öffentlichkeit statt.»

Youtube Comments Out of Context: Fourth Week

  1. Unser Land baut auf Solidarität auf, egal mit wem.
  2. This was my youth, lost several good women because of the fact I couldn’t say no to any women who came on to me. Now all the good ones are gone, and I got what I deserved. Still had a Hell of a time.
  3. You can get goth gay’s,so i don’t get how t he rainbow map is a gay rights parade….
  4. riddle me this what would the people of  lord of the rings do to chris brown :>
  5. Nein, liebe Internetskeptiker, das ist kein Fake sondern hart und lange antrainierte Kunst! Aber das kennt ihr nicht.
  6. Let’s look at this in the eyes of the wizarding world. Voldemort goes into a house, kills a family, Voldemort disappears, and the baby is still alive. What conclusion can you draw other than the baby somehow managed to defeat him.
  7. first, homosexuality become natural , now incest is okay too!!!!, next polgamy will be legal, imagine the awful future scenario that might happen after all this , a man get married to his mother and his brother(being a polygamys incestious gay is perfectly natural) and than after that he gets married to his daughter whom his mother gave birth to (after she reachs the age of 18 of course) and have a big happy disgusting sick family, I’d prefer talabin taking over more than that to happen

Die Schlägels


Mach mir bitte ’ne Freude (1963)

Ich hab sie da drüben stehen sehen
Anna (geh zu ihm)
Frag mich wieso
Mach mir bitte ’ne Freude
Na hopp, sei mein Schatz
P.S. Ich liebe dich
Baby, du bist es
Soll ich dir ein Geheimnis verraten?
Ein Hauch von Honig
Es gibt einen Ort
Zappeln und schreien

Mit den Schlägels (1963)

Dauert nicht mehr lang
Ich muss nur
Nerv nicht
Kleines Mädel
Dann kamst du
Bitte, Herr Briefträger
Stück mal’n rück, Beethoven!
Halt mich fest
Du hast mich in der Tasche
Ich will dein Kerl sein
Die ist von Grund auf böse
Kein zweites Mal

Eine Nacht aus hartem Tag (1964)

Eine Nacht aus hartem Tag
Hätte ich besser wissen sollen
Wenn ich mich
Ich find’s schon toll, nur mit dir zu tanzen
Und ich liebe sie
Sag mir warum
Kann mir keine Liebe kaufen
Rund um die Uhr
Dann heul ich halt
Was wir heute gesagt haben
Wenn ich nach Hause komme
Das kannst du nicht machen
Ich komme wieder

Schlägels im Ausverkauf (1964)

Keine Antwort
Ich bin eine Null
Meine Flamme trägt schwarz
Ich wende mich nach der Sonne
Herr Mondlicht
Südwindstadt / Hejo!
Acht Tage die Woche
Worte der Liebe
Honigmaus, hör auf
Jedes kleinste Ding
Ich will hier nicht die Spassbremse sein
Was du da machst
Alle wollen meine Honigmaus sein

Hilfe! (1965)

Letzte Nacht
Du musst deine Verliebtheit überspielen
Ich brauche dich
Ein anderes Mädel
Du wirst dieses Mädel verlieren
Sei einfach du selbst
Es ist nur Liebe
Du magst mich zu sehr
Sag mir, was du siehst
Ich hab grad ein Gesicht gesehen
Irre Fräulein Ira

Gummi-Seele (1965)

Sei mein Chauffeur
Norwegisch Holz (Diese Maus ist raus)
Du willst dich nicht mit mir treffen
Denk dir’s selbst
Das Wort
Was geht?
Ich durchschau dich
In meinem Leben
Wart mal!
Wenn ich wen bräuchte
Renn um dein Leben

Drehpistole (1966)

Eleanor Bergkammdorf
Ich schlafe doch nur
Unbedingt, dass du
Hier, dort und überall
Gelbes Unterseeboot
Hat sie gesagt, hat sie gesagt
Guter Tag Sonnenschein
Und dein Vogel kann zwitschern
Für niemanden
Doktor Robert
Ich möchte dir erzählen
Muss dich in mein Leben kriegen
Morgen weiss nicht

Oberfeldwebel Pfeffers Tanzorchester der einsamen Herzen (1967)

Oberfeldwebel Pfeffers Tanzorchester der einsamen Herzen
Mit ein wenig Unterstützung meiner Freunde
Lucia im Himmel mit Diamanten
Wird besser
Ein Loch stopfen
Sie verlässt Heim und Herd
Zugunsten von Herrn Drachen gibt’s
Selbst in dir, ausser dir selbst
Wenn ich vierundsechzig bin
Schöne Rita
Guten Morgen Guten Morgen
Oberfeldwebel Pfeffers Tanzorchester der einsamen Herzen (Zugabe)
Ein Tag im Leben

Magische Mysteriösitätentour (1967)

Magische Mysteriösitätentour
Der Narr auf dem Hügel
Deine Mutter sollte das wissen
Ich bin das Walross („Nein, bist du nicht!“ sagte die kleine Nicole)
Hallo, und tschüss
Erdbeerfelder für immer
Schatz, du bist Krösus
Alles, was du brauchst, ist Liebe

Die Schlägels (1969)

Zurück in der UdSSR
Liebe Umsicht
Hoppe Hoppe Reiter
Wilde Honigmaus
Die Fortsetzungsgeschichte von Plattenbau-Didi
Während meine Gitarre sanft wimmert
Glück ist eine warme Knarre
Martha mein Liebling
Ich bin so müde
Wolfi Waschbär
Lass mich nicht links liegen
Wieso machen wir’s nicht mitten auf der Strasse?
Ich werde es tun
Dein Blues, wa?
Mutter Naturs Sohn
Alle haben etwas zu verstecken ausser mir und mein Affe
Lang, lang, lang
Umsturz Eins
Savoyer Trüffelpraline
Weine, Baby, weine
Umsturz Neun
Gute Nacht

Gelbes Unterseeboot (1969)

Gelbes Unterseeboot
Nur ein nördliches Lied
Jetzt alle zusammen
Hey Bulldogge
Es ist alles zu viel
Alles, was du brauchst, ist Liebe
See der Zeit
See der Löcher
See der Monster
Marsch der Miesepeter
Pfefferland geschrottet
Gelbes Unterseeboot in Pfefferland

Everest (1969)

Gleichzeitig kommen
Ein gewisses Etwas
Alfreds Silberhammer
Oh! Liebling
Tintenfischs Garten
Ich will dich (sie ist so krass)
Hier kommt die Sonne
Du gibst mir nie dein Geld
Fieser Herr Senf
Polyethylen Paula
Sie kam durchs Badezimmerfenster
Goldener Schlummer
Die Bürde schultern
Das Ende
Ihre Majestät

Lass es werden (1970)

Wir beide
Ponies pudeln
Durchs Universum hindurch
Ich Mir Meins
Lass dich gehen!
Lass es werden
Cornelia Kramer
Ich hab so’n Gefühl
Der nach dem Neun-nach-Neuner
Die lange und gewundene Strasse
Schmoll dir nach

Dies ist die komplette (offizielle) Diskographie der bekannten Band Die Schlägels (Friedrich, August, Wilhelm und Ringo).


Schlechte Ideen für den Namen einer Radiosendung, die ich gerade konzipiere:


Textuelle Hörigkeit

Kontext Ton-Text



Ton, Text, Tüdelü

Alles Mist, aber „Textuelle Hörigkeit“ ist hiermit von mir getrademarkt, das verwende ich irgendwann nochmal in einem Bierzeltzusammenhang.

A list of historically important jazz discographies

According to:

Epperson, Bruce D.: More Important Than the Music. A History of Jazz Discography. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press 2013.

Where do you look up information about jazz, blues, gospel and all that ja…ngling music, I mean besides just googling yourself to death in a pool of abundant, half-reliable information? Where do you go where the information, however correct it might be, doesn’t feel sticky? In discographies? Which ones? Epperson’s book on the topic, More Important Than the Music (2013), is fascinating. Sure, from one perspective, it gives you an abundance of facts, of nerdy information about nerds and their nerdy obsessions, it painstakingly records who published which list of jazz records at what time under what circumstances. That is the purely fact-driven aspect. On the other hand, it introduces you to a world of people whipped by their desires, bound together in love and hatred for the topic and for each other, stuck in decade-long feuds about plagiarism, money, mutual criticism and appraisal, a world full of projects only making it from the letters A to K because of over-ambition, corporate enemies or new technology. A world full of hope and despair, of half-arbitrary decisions about race, genre, cut-off dates, band formats and sound formats, driven by personal interest of the respective researcher. A world of necessary, but neither academically nor financially rewarded research, with no sustainable way to make it profitable. I don’t know if Epperson realises just how hilarious his chosen quote to end the book is, where Howard Rye says:

The single biggest factor in jazz discography is that neither Brian Rust nor Jørgen Jepsen gave a damn about the needs of those who wouldn’t buy their books!

(Rye in Epperson 2013, 212).

Talk about an exclamation point to end a book about, well, lists. This is not how a tragedy ends (or a comedy, or a romance) – this is how you end a farce, a book with farcical subject matter, intentionally or not. As I said somewhere else: A discography is but a list made by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. (Including myself, of course, although the only ‚discographies‘ I create consist of second-hand information and aim at cutting the corners of availability).

Below is a list of the jazz discographies that Epperson discusses more than just in passing and around which he constructs entire chapters or paragraphs. Epperson’s book is an eloquent, informative and fluid (and at times hilarious) read from a historical/narrative perspective, but it doesn’t have registers telling you which discographies or names are discussed on what pages, and which chapters and paragraphs deal with which time spans exactly etc. (actually, in the text, the chapter titles do indicate time spans, but they don’t do this where it would be most useful: in the „contents“ overview). So I assembled a list according to Epperson’s chronology with some of the crucial quotes for each discography. The list only treats general jazz (and blues) discographies, meaning there are no specialized discographies: no label discographies, no single-artist bio-discographies, no solographies (yes, those exist), no national discographies and so forth.

Since discographies tend to have shifting titles, different editors/authors, changing time spans and volatile edition histories, I somewhat lump the titles and publication years for the discographies together. The gist of each work’s identity will be researchable with this, if you want to dig into it. Or just read the book.

Chapter 2.2:

Schleman, Hilton: Rhythm on Record (1936)

The lack of session-level information has led many discographers to relegate Rhythm on Record to protodiscography, leaving the honors of „first discography“ to Delaunay’s Hot Discography, which appeared three months later.However, within the limited goals he set for himself, Schleman was largely successful, an discographers were still using his book some sixty-five years later.

(Epperson 2013, 29)

Chapter 2.3:

Delaunay, Charles: Hot Discography (1936)

„Charles Delaunay is the undoubted father of discography as we know it today,“ adds Sheatsley. „It was he who first saw and utilized the importance of master numbers.“

(Epperson 2013, 38)

Chapter 3.1:

Blackstone, Orin: Index to Jazz (1945–1950)

Therefore he stuck to an alphabetical-by-artist structure from start to finish, unlike Delaunay’s affinities of style arrangement.

(Epperson 2013, 51)

Chapter 3.2:

Delaunay, Charles: New Hot Discography (1948)

Recognizably a Delaunay product, it retained the affinities of style approach for musicians recorded before 1930 but abandoned it for later artists, who were grouped in straight alphabetical order in a long section of their own.

(Epperson 2013, 56)

One other prescient feature of New Hot Discography bears mentioning in some detail. Each issue (usually, but not always, a 78 rpm, two-sided single) was assigned a „discode“, a Delaunay-assigned serial number comprising a number, letter, and number.

(Epperson 2013, 59)

Chapter 3.4:

Carey, David, Albert McCarthy (and Ralph Venable): The Directory of Recorded Jazz and Swing Music [The Jazz Directory] (1949–1955)

McCarthy, Albert and Dave Carey: The Directory of Recorded Jazz and Swing Music Inlcuding Gospel and Blues Records [The Jazz Directory]. (1955–1957)

The discographic format wasn’t radically different from that of the contemporaneous Blackstone or Delaunay works, but it was crisper and clearer, mostly because, once and for all, it subordinated matrix numbers to recording sessions arranged in a chronological format.

(Epperson 2013, 69)

Chapter 3.5:

Delaunay, Charles and Kurt Mohr: Hot discographie encyclopédique (1951–1952)

The format of Hot discographie encyclopédique (HDE) was a complete break with any of Delaunay’s previous works and bore a strong resemblance to Carey and McCarthy’s series, so it instantly became known as the „French Jazz Directory„. Delaunay admitted that the times had changed and „such a work as this must be objective, not selective.“

(Epperson 2013, 76)

Chapter 4.1:

Rust, Brian: Jazz Records, A–Z (1961)

Although this session-based layout was not radically different from that in The Jazz Directory, the refinements he did develop ended up making Jazz Records, A–Z so superior to anything that came before that it was eventually called the Rust format.

(Epperson 2013, 85)

Where did you go for availability, not history? […] Even Malcolm Shaw, who edited the latest (2002) edition of Rust’s Jazz Records, A–Z, admits that „JR [Jazz Records] as it stands is probably due for a total reconsideration of the concept“.

(Epperson 2013, 4)

Chapter 4.2:

Jepsen, Jørgen Grunnet: Jazz Records, 1942–196X (1963–1970)

Survival demanded a relatively straightforward editorial policy. „This is not a complete listing of all jazz records,“ cautioned Jepsen. „This is only an attempt to list all the records known to the editor and his collaborators.“

(Epperson 2013, 89)

Chapter 4.3:

Godrich, John and Robert Dixon: Blues and Gospel Records, 1902–1942 (1964, 1969)

Dixon, Robert and John Godrich: Blues and Gospel Records, 1902–1943 (1982)

– and Howard Rye: Blues and Gospel Records, 1890–1943 (1997)

The decision to include all existing material without differentiating whether it was commercial or archival (and whether or not it was relevant to record collectors) proved to be the single most important metric by which Blues and Gospel Records came to be evaluated over the years.

(Epperson 2013, 94)

Chapter 4.5:

Leadbitter, Mike and Neil Slaven: Blues Records, 1943–1966: An Encyclopedic Discography to More Than Two Decades of Recorded Blues (1968)

–: Blues Records, 1943–1970: A Selective Discography. Vol. 1, A–K. (1987)

–: Blues Records, 1943–1970: A Selective Discography. Vol. 2, L–Z. (1994).

The few who did review the 1987 revision generally considered it a significant improvement over its 1968 predecessor. Everyone agreed that its new subtitle A Selective Discography, was a far more realistic description that the first edition’s unfortunate Encyclopedic Discography label.

(Epperson 2013, 101)

Chapter 5.1:

Bruyninckx, Walter: 50 Years of Recorded Jazz. 1917–1967. (ca. 1968–1971)

–: 60 Years of Recorded Jazz. 1917–1977 (ca. 1977–1980)

–: 70/75 Years of Recorded Jazz. (late 1980s to early 1990s)

– and Domi Truffandier: 85 Years of Recorded Jazz. (CD-ROM 2003)

„Despite his continued plagiarism,“ recalled librarian Matthew Snyder, „by the late 1980’s [sic] the general opinion on Bruyninckx appeared to be that the improved quality of his work, combined with his extensive coverage, had produced the best available jazz discography.“

(Epperson 2013, 113)

Chapter 5.2:

Raben, Erik: Jazz Records, 1942–80: A Discography. (1989–2007, A–G. Unfinished)

Everyone agreed that its musicians index, included at the end of each volume and not as an appendix at the end of the series, was much needed and badly overdue […].

(Epperson 2013, 117)

Chapter 5.3:

Lord, Tom: The Jazz Discography. (1992–2002)

„It is possible that Lord’s project has already taken over the market for Raben’s volumes, and that Raben’s project will die. This possibility, in combination with the frustrations of using Bruyninckx’s paperbacks and his inept marketing of 70 Years, may mean that that, in jazz discography’s own little version of a hostile corporate takeover, Lord’s project has already emerged the victor.“ [Kernfeld/Rye]

(Epperson 2013, 125)

Lord was a businessman, a marketer who was peddling a product – the others were either professional academics or amateur scholars undertaking research. […] „Lord is more of a collator than a researcher,“ observed Edward Berger […].

(Epperson 2013, 126)

(note that this Tom Lord has no relation to the Tom Lord who made 1976’s Clarence Williams-discography)

The notable Websites and Online Articlesthat Epperson lists in his bibliography are:

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