Youtube Comments Out of Context: Fifth Week

1. What about the dog its all normal when the dog dies

2. I do believe that Megalodon still does exist, its just much smaller now, aka the Great White. Think of it this way, look at a Great Dane an a Chihuahua. They’re both dogs, but are massively different in size. So when you look at it for this perspective, the Great White may just very well be a smaller breed of Megalodon. 

3. Man… I wonder how many people that thing is responsible for killing. It should be destroyed immediately. These people…. they act like a kid who has just discovered his father’s loaded revolver. That’s why the death of that „crocodile hunter“ guy is so fitting and righteous. He had it coming. They all have it coming. Just don’t you go away believing their lies. Sharks are murderous. They do not discriminate between liberal or conservative, republican or democrat, common-sense thinker or tree-hugger. They KILL.

4. I know this is random but I’m wondering if anyone can help me my best friends girlfriend dumped him for me she really likes me and I really like her but I fell bad and so does she because he still likes her he said its fine but he’s hiding it so please could u give me some advice

5. Warum lässt der das Fahrrad im See liegen? Er schmeisst ein Fahrrad in den See und fährt dann mit einem anderen weiter? Warum?

6. I too know it’s wrong but cant help laughing at your mama. Because she was so cocked up and tried to suck my dick with her filthy mouth. So? I just cut her head off:) and she still laughing in her face! So I brought my hammer and crush it! That’s why u cant see ur mama anymore. Got it? U stupid littel stinky motherfucker

7. even i did not like Jane eyre.

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