Latest Batch of Album Reviews (August 2022): Franz Ferdinand, the Rolling Stones, Grant Green & Sonny Clark, and the Asteroids Galaxy Tour

This months starts with a classic from the mid-2000s: Franz Ferdinand’s debut album Franz Ferdinand (2004) – a band I was anti-hyped against back then, but thankfully that wore off quickly. A terrific and essential band of the Noughties.

Next up is Around and Around, an odd compilation from 1964 by the Rolling Stones. It was an essential record for the German (and French) market back then. The music, of course, is good and as sloppy as the front and back cover art.

We then revisit Grant Green’s The Complete Quartets with Sonny Clark – recorded in 1961/62, but not published until decades later. Very weird, as it is top-notch quality, if somehow within known standards. I revisit and re-revisit this one often, because I can’t quite wrap my head around how high the quality of the music is against how standardised it sometimes sounds. Fascinating guitar jazz.

Last entry for the month is Out of Frequency (2012) by the Asteroids Galaxy Tour, their second album. This was fresh and spirited indie psych-pop, I’m still very fond of it. Well, there we are.

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