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2012: Out of Frequency

Out of Frequency

Rating: 7.0/10
Rated as
: Album
Album Status: Genre Recommendation
Released: 2012
Specific Genre: Indie Pop, Psychedelic Pop
Main Genre: Pop
: Showtunes, Pop Soul
Label: BMG Rights

1. Gold Rush, Pt. I 2. Dollars in the Night 3. Gold Rush, Pt. II 4. Major 5. Heart Attack 6. Out of Frequency 7. Cloak & Dagger 8. Arrival of the Empress (Prelude) 9. Theme from 45 Eugenia 10. Mafia 11. Ghost in My Head 12. Suburban Space Invader 13. Fantasy Friend Forever 14. When It Comes to Us

‚Cause I’m not halfway through of having enough

A record so plastic and excited about its plasticness, it could serve as 2012’s benchmark to detect your tolerance for indulgence. With pop hooks surfing on a big-bandish jazzy horn section surrounded by psych-pop flourishes (a woozy organ, electronic sci-fi beeps), the band manages to combine 1960s Motown with showtunes, surf pop and Barbarella-styled disco beats on what was poised to be that (or any other) summer’s party anthem, the smashing glitz of „Heart Attack“, reclaiming a certain and highly welcomed mindlessness for indie pop.

Mette Lindberg’s high-pitched vocals position themselves somewhere between fascistoid dance commander and jittery Nancy Sinatra, and while dance-beat-driven spumante-mode dominates the record, as on the ridiculously grandstanding “Major”, the slowly grooving, druggy „Theme From 45 Eugenia“ is a highlight, sounding like Funkadelic dabbling in trip hop. As the show goes on and on and everything was slightly overheated from the beginning, the hooks falter somewhat towards the end, but so be it: it is hard to sustain a perpetual state of tipsiness, after all.