Album Reviews: Macrodosing the Stones‘ second and/or third batch of UK- and US-albums

This macro-dose is easy enough, if slightly tedious in its redundancy: These are some albums and/or compilations by the Stones that share material and came out between October 1964 and February 1965. We start with their second US-album, 1964’s 12×5, an extended EP (5×5) – like all the albums, it’s jaded r&b with a murky sound and features weird compromises when it comes to editing down longer songs for the US-market. Next up is the continental Around and Around (Germany/Francem 1964), which usually gets treated as a compilation – but functionally, there is no difference to its US- or UK-counterparts. It even features edits that weren’t available for decades on those other markets. Then we continue with The Rolling Stones No. 2 (January 1965), their second UK-album. What can I say, a cover band they were, and a great cover band they are on this one – this is even amplified on The Rolling Stones, Now! (February 1965), their third US-album. This one is probably the best of the bunch because it leans into their blues covers a bit more – but only the best by comparison. If you want to know about how their early albums overlap on RYM: Rolling Stones – Overlap in Early Discography.

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