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2005: Blitzkrieg Pop

Blitzkrieg Pop

Album: Uninteresting, 1.5/10 | Released: 2005 | Specific Genre: Electroclash, Electro-Punk | Main Genre: Electronic, Electronic Dance Music, Punk | Undertones: Techno, Dance-Punk, Industrial | Label: novamute

Honestly? It depends, you see.

Wobbling electro-thumps with fast-paced, violent shuffle beats between punk and techno, cackling aggressive sound effects, screamed vocals – okay, this supposedly comes from those dark underground caves with stroboscopic red lights and angrily painted faces, but translated into a very harmless mid-sized dance club environment. Why does this sound so much tamer than what 1980s industrial had to offer, while desperately doubling up on everything that seems so neat and dangerous when the older, cooler kids with their very scary skull-tattoos and their rattling teeth do it?