Stephen Stills

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1971: Stephen Stills 2

Stephen Stills 2

Rating: 4.3/10
Rated as
: Album
Album Status: for Completists
Released: 1971
Specific Genre: Folk Rock, Singer-Songwriter
Main Genre: Singer-Songwriter
: Blues Rock, Westcoast Rock
Label: Atlantic

Someone tell me, have I been gifted or robbed?

Stills’s second westcoast solo aimlessly shuffles between worn-down forms of big rock and brassy folk, running miles behind that specific singer-songwriter current 1971 had going for itself. Melodically, the album feels like collecting self-important left-overs from the last record and presenting drafts that haven’t matured yet. The melodic line and anxious feel of “Know You Got to Run” is great, but he had used it in CSN&Y-contexts already, and to better effect