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2012: Seeed


Rating: 1.5/10
Rated as
: Album
Album Status
: for Fans of Artist
Released: 2012
Specific Genre: Dancehall
Main Genre: Ska / Reggae
: Pop Reggae, Hip Hop, Dub
Label: Downbeat

1. Beautiful 2. Deine Zeit 3. Feel for You 4. Augenbling 5. You & I 6. Waste My Time 7. Seeeds Haus 8. Elephants 9. Lovelee 10. Wonderful Life 11. Molotov 12. Beautiful Reprise

Die Nachrichten sind schlecht, du schießt dich weg

Not only one of Germany’s top reggae acts – one of Germany’s biggest international pop units, period. Mixing high-gear-produced pop reggae, club-oriented heavy dancehall, straight bloody euro-dance and some hip hop, Seeed produce steam and reproduce the clichés of mentioned genres in the fashion of a perfectly programmed computer (note the Nintendo-intro of „Waste My Time“).

They do this with almost uncanny competence, top-notch producer work. Everything about the band’s sound is so maximized, it is as if they couldn’t breathe in an environment that doesn’t exclusively consist of hyperbole, starting with the extra letter in their moniker. The same goes for the lyrics: Everything is beautiful, I feel for you, we found our song, dirty things, make your booty bounce, you are my harem, I’m your fat sheik – and so on, and so forth, representing everything boring and standardized thing about club culture, this is the musical definition of party swizzle.