Album Reviews:

2008: Mugiboogie


Rating: 6.9/10
Rated as: Album
Album Status: Genre Recommendation
Released: 2008
Specific Genre: Alternative Rock
Main Genre: Alternative/Indie, Rock
Undertones: Indie Rock, Metal, Punk Blues, Singer-Songwriter, Downtempo, Soul
Label: Ipecac

Like George, I’m going into spiritual things

Mugison turns up the volume and raunchiness in the opener „Mugiboogie“, a sweatily escalating swamp party boogie blues, and follows it up what in his mindset is probably logical: Philly soul, death metal, lo-fi electronica, hard rock or dreamy, quiet singer-songwriting pieces à la George Harrison (note the sitar). Mugison has the talent for all of this – this is promiscuous alt-rock, and the highlights are the seriously melancholic balladeering and the seriously fun punk blues romps, not the sloppily made parodies of industrial metal thrashing. I don’t buy the postmodern “playlist character” some attribute here: a heterogenous playlist is supposed to gel. Mugiboogie doesn’t gel, just like a charming, inattentive drunk conversation partner doesn’t. Measured on its strengths and Mugison’s unfettered joy to try out anything, it’s a year’s highlight of its genre.