Brian Eno

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1978: Ambient 1: Music for Airports

Ambient 1: Music for Airports

Rating: 7.1/10
Rated as
: Album
Album Status: Defining Classic
Released: 1978
Specific Genre: Ambient
Main Genre: Ambient
: Minimalism, Experimental, New Age
Label: Polydor

Side A: 1. 1/1 2. 2/1
Side B: 3. 1/2 4. 2/2

He told you: As ignorable as it is interesting

While no obsession drives me towards the ambient-genre – I’m casually interested, so maybe the worst kind of ambient listener – there is an appealing pull to the presentation and personality of this record. It’s not the concept, it’s not its mythological history of invention. It’s the determination and the simplicity. The music here glides on a sheet of air-cooled velvet offering the least amount of friction while still being material. Piano loops, vocal „Ohs“ sampled to structure the silence – all harmony, all assembled to give you nothing to hold on to for more than a few moments. I like this. It may well be the best of its kind, sure – but nothing more (and nothing less). And he told you: As ignorable as it is interesting. Either way, a must-have.