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    Youtube Comments Out of Context: Fifth Week 

    1. What about the dog its all normal when the dog dies

    2. I do believe that Megalodon still does exist, its just much smaller now, aka the Great White. Think of it this way, look at a Great Dane an a Chihuahua. They’re both dogs, but are massively different in size. So when you look at it for this perspective, the Great White may just very well be a smaller breed of Megalodon. 

    3. Man… I wonder how many people that thing is responsible for killing. It should be destroyed immediately. These people…. they act like a kid who has just discovered his father’s loaded revolver. That’s why the death of that „crocodile hunter“ guy is so fitting and righteous. He had it coming. They all have it coming. Just don’t you go away believing their lies. Sharks are murderous. They do not discriminate between liberal or conservative, republican or democrat, common-sense thinker or tree-hugger. They KILL.

    4. I know this is random but I’m wondering if anyone can help me my best friends girlfriend dumped him for me she really likes me and I really like her but I fell bad and so does she because he still likes her he said its fine but he’s hiding it so please could u give me some advice

    5. Warum lässt der das Fahrrad im See liegen? Er schmeisst ein Fahrrad in den See und fährt dann mit einem anderen weiter? Warum?

    6. I too know it’s wrong but cant help laughing at your mama. Because she was so cocked up and tried to suck my dick with her filthy mouth. So? I just cut her head off:) and she still laughing in her face! So I brought my hammer and crush it! That’s why u cant see ur mama anymore. Got it? U stupid littel stinky motherfucker

    7. even i did not like Jane eyre.

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    Youtube Comments Out of Context: Fourth Week 

    1. Unser Land baut auf Solidarität auf, egal mit wem.
    2. This was my youth, lost several good women because of the fact I couldn’t say no to any women who came on to me. Now all the good ones are gone, and I got what I deserved. Still had a Hell of a time.
    3. You can get goth gay’s,so i don’t get how t he rainbow map is a gay rights parade….
    4. riddle me this what would the people of  lord of the rings do to chris brown :>
    5. Nein, liebe Internetskeptiker, das ist kein Fake sondern hart und lange antrainierte Kunst! Aber das kennt ihr nicht.
    6. Let’s look at this in the eyes of the wizarding world. Voldemort goes into a house, kills a family, Voldemort disappears, and the baby is still alive. What conclusion can you draw other than the baby somehow managed to defeat him.
    7. first, homosexuality become natural , now incest is okay too!!!!, next polgamy will be legal, imagine the awful future scenario that might happen after all this , a man get married to his mother and his brother(being a polygamys incestious gay is perfectly natural) and than after that he gets married to his daughter whom his mother gave birth to (after she reachs the age of 18 of course) and have a big happy disgusting sick family, I’d prefer talabin taking over more than that to happen
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    Youtube Comments Out of Context: Third Week 

    1. I might get this wrong, but, here’s how I thought about it. Let’s say infinity only went until 1,000,000. It doesn’t, but let’s say it does. For just natural numbers infinity, it would only go until 1 million. But, decimals, going to 1 million, we have another infinity, because there is 1.1, 1.11, 1.111, 1.1111, etc. etc. Let’s say those stopped at millionths, then. Therefore, for every 1 natural number, you have a million decimal numbers, therefore, the decimal infinity, will always be larger than the Natural numbers infinity. If anyone notices something wrong, please correct it.
    2. Ya know? I wanna do something about bullying :3 buuttt…. I just don’t know how to do it….. Hm maybe i should make a tumblr page…..
    3. Seriously, because I own pythons, they’re very smart. This snake knew what was up
    4. Yes, don’t admit that your teleprompter is not working. Obama did that and it made him look so incompetent. As for the tape not working, one can drudge through that situation. Back in 1983, the rock band Styx played a series of concerts in Chicago and a part of the show was a filmed sequence. One of those gigs,the tape didn’t want to play. So the band decided to cancel the whole concert and refund the fans‘ ticket money. That band broke up just a few months later.
    5. That is nonsense, why do communists pay toilets? „To each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.“
    6. Grown women still got stamina! I LOVE IT! If so many muscles wasn’t required I would be in it!
    7. Werbetexter war man nicht. Werbetexter ist und bleibt man.
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    Youtube Comments Out of Context: Second Week 

    2. In einer Welt wo Geld Intelekt ersetzt zu haben scheint, wemm wunderts??
    3. Lays chips in las vegas gas stations are $2.50 for the full size ($4.69) bag. Yes its true.
    4. No a cat was not thrown off a cliff. They only did part of the cliff they threw the cat off of. But I have no clue how they would throw a cat off of part of the cliff. The cat was already falling off when they filmed it. Plus I think the bear they had was just a domesticated bear and they were just simply playing. It looked like they were.
    5. You realize by saying I can’t agree more with you you’re actually saying I agree so much with you that there’s no more room to agree with you…idiot
    6. that witchbro is too fucking bro.
    7. There isn’t any gravity in space.
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    Youtube Comments Out of Context: First Week 

    1. Why isn’t lumpy space princess anywhere?

    2. MR MOJO RISEN……….J I M M O R R I S O N.

    3. Trans sexuality is abnormal. A practical definition of abnormal is strange. It would be normal for people to consider strange things and actions crazy. It has nothing to do with shallowness, surely you can follow this train of logic.

    4. Yeah, sign language was BIG when this thing came out. I remember it from Mr. Holland’s Opus, from 1995. I think the 90’s was just when there was more public attention given to people with disabilities.

    5. Not necessarily, he’s made obvious mistakes like that numerous times in previous videos. He once made a remark that dolphins can’t „punch“ sharks, then later corrected himself after finding out that they can, then proceeded to say that the shark’s teeth tore off a piece of the dolphin’s flesh, but in fact it was just a fish from a school swimming nearby that he saw.

    6. me too its an apolitical illusion ur mind can change the way u perceive it

    7. Wozu werden die Krokodile erschossen, wenn alles längst vorbei ist? Das macht doch höchstens Sinn direkt während des Angriffs.

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